UQ Psychology Clinic - Professional Referrals

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How do I refer myself, my child, or someone else to the UQ Psychology Clinic?

Self-Referral (for you or your child)

Referring yourself to the UQ Psychology Clinic is as easy as sending an email or making a telephone call. Our admin staff will go through your details with you and let you know when you can expect to be seen by one of our provisional psychologists. Our fee information is here and details on the services we offer are found here.

Referring Someone Else (your patient or client)

As a health professional or organisation dealing with people, you may have clients or patients who would benefit from seeing a psychologist (whether it be for short term or long term treatment). You can refer someone to our Clinic by completing the referral form below and emailing it to our admin staff, or by telephoning or emailing the Clinic directly. As a training clinic, we do not require a mental health care plan, you can simply refer someone to our services.