UQ Psychology Clinic - Self Referrals

Referrals to UQ Psychology Clinic

Members of the public may contact the UQ Psychology Clinic directly to make an appointment. Health professionals or organisations providing health care, case management, or educational services may also make referrals.

To make referrals to the Clinic, contact the Admin Staff on (07) 3365 6451. Alternatively, complete the Referral Form and forward it to the Clinic at the address provided on the form:

Referred clients are placed on a waiting list and will be contacted as soon as a provisional psychologist is available to see the client. Please note that waiting list times will vary throughout the year depending on demand.

Once allocated to a provisional psychologist, the client will be contacted to arrange an appointment. During this first appointment, details about their current situation and previous history will be collected.

If it is determined that the UQ Psychology Clinic is not the most appropriate service for the client, they will be referred to other suitable services either at the time of first calling the Clinic, or after the first appointment should it become clear that our services are not the best way forward. It is therefore important that if you have any concerns as to whether the Clinic services are appropriate that you discuss these with admin staff or the Clinic Manager.