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What types of psychological difficulties cannot be treated at the UQ Psychology Clinic?

Emergency or Crisis Situations

Services at the Clinic are provided by intern psychologists who are currently not qualified to manage psychiatric crisis situations. Therefore, we do not provide emergency services to clients.

Complex Problems Requiring Long-Term Therapy

Intern psychologists at the Clinic are not able to provide assistance for clients presenting with particularly complex or severe psychological dysfunction who require long-term therapy. This is determined on an individual basis as part of an initial assessment. Clients that may require long term therapy will be provided with information of suitable services.

Legal Issues and Court Reports

The UQ Psychology Clinic does not prepare reports for use in legal proceedings, including Tribunals. Due to their provisional registration, intern psychologists are not recognised as ‘experts’ by the legal system. As such, reports prepared by our therapists will not be recognised as expert evidence in court proceedings. Additionally, our intern psychologists are unable to appear in court proceedings to offer expert opinion.

Students Studying Psychology at UQ

Students currently enrolled in Psychology courses at the University of Queensland (any course code beginning with ‘PSYC’) are not able to receive treatment at the Clinic. This is due to a potential conflict of interest and/or dual-role relationship between clients and intern psychologists who also have a teaching or tutor position in psychology courses.

Difficulties with university study

Student Support Services at the University of Queensland is the official helping agency for students who are experiencing difficulties with coursework and studying. We recommend that university students whose concerns primarily involve university study seek from Student Support Services rather than the UQ Psychology Clinic. However, students who are experiencing difficulties with stress and coping more generally are encouraged to seek assistance at the Clinic. We also offer a group therapy program on managing stress that university students can participate in.